Community Improvement

Our low line 'High Line'

This is my idea for an improvement to an area of Weymouth I was going to go to the council with, but this group is far better so here it goes...

I used to walk to the station from mine everyday this would take me through the shortcut between KFC and the back of B&Q. This area still has the remains of the tram line which would go through to the harbor. Its fully overgrown but that is half of its charm and reminds me of the 'high line' in New York which I have been lucky enough to walk along.


My idea was to create a walk way similar to this 'highline' look. Involving planking which would go over the rails for areas of seating, keeping the natural overgrown look but refining it, and also improving the feel of that area for someone walking through in the morning or evening. There is a lot of open ground there to be used if we can take down the fencing and also all the concrete surrounding it.


I would appreciate anyone's views on this idea and if it was liked then the next stage would be drawing up a plan and landscaping design.







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