Community Improvement

World exclusive autism and disability friendly Hotel

Westfield Arts College is a school for students with learning difficulties and complex needs. very few of us can gain enough qualifications to compete in an open market for jobs. we need to prove our worth by working. As a sixth form we would like to take over an hotel on the sea front, have it done up so that people with disabilities can come and enjoy Weymouth and the Jurassic Coast. We would like to learn on the job and have rooms available so that people with mental health issues or people struggling to gain employment can come and do mini courses, do enterprise activities and feel good about themselves. We would like to do holiday packages for special schools involving a days work experience in the hotel. We would like to invite celebrity chefs to have posh meal evenings. As well as turkey and tinsel Christmas breaks Weymouth could become a centre for autism friendly Christmas breaks. The possibilities are endless. We want to show that we can work and that we are a work force that can achieve great things!



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